Prayer Request – Nydia – Columbia, SC

For my coworker Candace.  She has Ehlers Danlos syndrome which is an inherited disease.  She is having horrible health issues including her c1 and c2 vertebrae dislocating and causing her to faint or worse shutting her body down. She also has an aneurism in a major blood vessel.  She needs surgery but will they do it with the heart issues?  She’s been out of work a lot and will probably lose her job.

Prayer Request 3/5/2021

Amanda – Ruffsdale, Pennsylvania… Amanda 31 and my son Jadon will be 12 on Easter 4-4-21.
Both born with rare gene mutation life expectancy isn’t long. Jadon has been separated from his mommy and godmother Denise 63 who loves us like a mom and takes care of us. Jadon needs to be reunited with his mom and godmother Denise.