Please Sign the New Guestbook

The server hosting the site decided to discontinue the guestbook feature.  If you’ve tried to sign the guestbook in the past few months, you probably received an error message.  Not anymore!  I’ve got a new guestbook so be sure to sign it next time you visit the scriptural rosary site.  Or… go now and sign it at the guestbook page.  Once there, just click on “Sign New Guestbook”.  You can also review the guestbook archives if you like.

Lots of Changes

There have been a lot of changes to the rosary website lately.  First, the site is now SSL encrypted.  Second, I created a mobile friendly site.  If your eye sight is great you can see it fine with the phone up.  If not, turn the phone sideways and it looks great.

Your device saves web pages so they load faster.  To see the changes, you may have to refresh your screen.  On a computer just click the circular arrow.  On your phone, hold the screen with your thumb, then pull the page down.  You’ll see an arrow going around and then the new page will appear.  If you like the audio rosaries be sure to do this because I changed the player today.  It no longer starts automatically so you have to push play and now there is a pause button in case you get interrupted so you can continue where you left off.  Be patient the first time you use it as it may take a couple of minutes to load but it will load and play on all devices, including Apple devices as well as Iphones and Android phones.

I started this blog about 6 years ago because several people that pray the audio rosaries on the Laudate app contacted me and said the audio often stopped in the middle of the rosary.  So I uploaded all of the audio rosaries to the blog.  It works great on all devices.  On your phone, just click the menu and then click on the mystery you want to pray.

We are at a reported count of over 355,000 rosaries prayed.  Thank you all for your support over the years.  Please share the site with friends and acquaintances so we can reach the original goal of 1,000,000 rosaries prayed.

I obviously haven’t blogged much.  If you look, this has been the first post since 2013.  I’ll try to write at least one post a week to keep it fresh and update you if anything changes or great things are happening.  Thanks again!

God Bless,