Help Reach The Goal of 1,000,000

We should reach 500,000 sometime next week. That is a fantastic milestone! For those that don’t know, this website was first published on 1/20/2008 so it will have taken over 13 years to reach the half-way point.

The new goal is going to be 750,000 and based on our 2021 average of 5,797 rosaries per month, it will take us another 3.6 years to reach that goal. I’ll be 64 years old at that time.

I’m asking you to please continue to support the site with your prayers and please share the site with your family, friends and acquaintances. If you can, make a small donation so I can increase advertising on Google. I really would like to be around to see the site accomplish the original goal of 1,000,000 rosaries prayed.

Either way, I continue to be very appreciative for all of your support of the site and its mission.

May is a month dedicated to Mary so it would be a great time to have a great month. Please consider visiting the site daily. I know it isn’t easy! I’ll just remind you of the site motto…

Time Required: 15 minutes Benefits Received: Eternal

Thanks again and God Bless you all and your intentions!

We Are So Close

We are less than 1,000 rosaries prayed to reach the next goal of 500,000. That probably doesn’t count many that use the Laudate App and definitely doesn’t include those that emailed me asking to add hundreds to the count because they never realized they were supposed to submit their prayer.

I don’t worry about that. The mission isn’t really to hit 1,000,000. The mission is to get more people to enjoy all of the blessings and benefits from this beautiful prayer given to us by our Blessed Mother.

So thank you all for your continued support of the site and its mission. Please continue to share the site with family, friends and acquaintances.

May God bless you all for everything you do to help this site reach as many as possible.

Thank you all so much!



It’s Official. I Can No Longer Update the Website.

I have shared that yahoo would discontinue the use of their sitebuilder tool and the date was supposed to be 3/31/21. Well, I was able to use the tool until yesterday. Again today it doesn’t work. So it looks like you will have to come to this blog if you are interested in updates and/or prayer counts.

The website still works exactly the same for all of you. I just cannot update the pages that I would normally update on a daily or weekly basis.

So bookmark the blog or follow it if you are interested in updates.

We are very close to our current revised goal of 500,000 rosaries prayed. That’s a pretty big moment! Thank you all for your prayers and support of the site and its mission.

God Bless,


Happy Easter!

He is risen. He is risen indeed!

When I lived in Titusville, FL working with homeless veterans our priest started every Easter Mass with the line above. He would say… “He is risen”. We had to respond with “He is risen indeed!” We continued until the priest decided we had finally gotten it right. His method was definitely effective. Every Easter my first thought when I wake up is… He is risen. He is risen indeed!

We are almost at our latest goal of 500,000 rosaries prayed. I think when we reach that goal we can make the second to last goal be 750,000. The ultimate goal of 1,000,000 rosaries has not changed. I’m just trying to be realistic because the site was first published on 1/20/2008 so it will have taken us over 13 years to officially reach 500,000.

I know Laudate asked permission to publish the audio rosaries and many use the app to pray. At least one other published the audio rosaries on YouTube. Maybe some of those prayers never made it to the prayer count. That’s okay. Our Blessed Mother and her Son Jesus know exactly how many rosaries have been prayed since this site was first published. That’s more than good enough for me!

I was 48 when I started the site. I’m now 60. Still a good chance I’ll get to see us reach the ultimate goal of 1,000,000.

Thank you all for your support of the site and its mission. Please continue to share it with your friends and acquaintances.

Again, Happy Easter to all. May you all have a very blessed day.


Site Still Updating

I shared several times that Yahoo announced I would no longer be able to update after 3/31/21. So I started using the blog to post updated numbers and messages and I think it is working out just fine. That said, I still have been able to update the website using the Yahoo tool that is not supposed to work. I’ll keep trying to update at the website and blog until the day the tool really quits working. Perhaps Yahoo decided to give us all a grace period.

Even if/when the tool no longer allows me to make changes remember… you should always be able to visit the site alone if praying a rosary is the purpose of your visit. That isn’t changing. the blog will remain available for those that like to see the numbers and any new messages.

Also, at the top of the blog or in the menu bar on your phone all of the audio rosaries are available if you like to pray with Melissa or me.

Thank you all for your patience and support of the site and its mission.

God Bless,