Prayer Count Increases Dramatically

I can’t say for sure why the prayer count has increased so dramatically since March but I have a strong suspicion that the CoronaVirus and people staying at home or unable to work probably has a lot to do with it. Before March, a monthly count of 4,000+ was good. The count in March was 6,897, a new record which was quickly eclipsed in April with 10,859 rosaries prayed. Yes, it looks like May, a month traditionally devoted to the Virgin Mary will set a new record as we are at 7,121 rosaries prayed through 5/14/20.

Thank you all for your support of the site and its mission. A special thanks to those that have organized groups to pray together. Please continue to spread the word. May God bless you all and keep you healthy and safe!

Full Count

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Poll Update

With just one week remaining to vote, here are the current poll numbers…

Pray at the same speed – 71%

Pray slower – 24%

Pray faster – 5%

The last day to vote is Saturday, 8/3/19. After that the poll shuts down and I’ll record the new audio rosaries before the end of August.

If you are interested in making your own recording and you know how to do it, send me a recording of at least one set of Mysteries and with your permission, I may use your recording at the site.

Send me an email if this interests you.

Vote in the Poll Before It’s Too Late!

I plan on keeping the poll up until 7/31/19. Then I will record new rosaries in August. To vote just click on the big “Take A Poll” circle to the right.

Here are the current results:

Pray at the same speed – 69%

Pray slower – 25%

Pray faster – 6%

For those of you that left a comment…. thank you! I enjoy your feedback. Also, if you haven’t already done so, please sign the guestbook.

Thanks and God bless!

Lost Prayers Received

The site became encrypted a few months ago. At that
time the forms to report prayers, request prayers and
submit feed back quit working properly. As a result, the
prayer counts went down significantly and to remedy
this situation I began using a new form.

On 7/16/19 I received over 1800 old forms in my email with
prayer counts, prayer requests and feedback.

Here is the total count for those delayed prayers.

Single Prayer Count – 1683

Group Prayer Count – 332

Total Prayers Delayed – 2015

I’m adding these prayers to the total count in a separate
category and they will be included in the overall count.

Time to Update My Audio Rosary Recordings

I made my recordings a long time ago when Pope Benedict was our Pope.  My new recordings will not mention the Pope by name so they will be timeless.  Just one question.  How fast should I pray?  My current recordings take about 22 minutes with the exception of the Luminous Mysteries where I slowed down a bit and it takes 27 minutes.  Here is your chance to give some feedback.  Use the link below to take the poll…

Vote now in this poll.