WE 11/16/13 Sets New Record!

Wow!  Two records in two weeks.  Last week 1188 rosaries were prayed and the week before was 1023.  Both set new weekly records. Thanks to all of you for helping to spread the word and for coming back each week to pray the holy rosary.

God Bless,




Daily Record Set!

A new daily record was set on 11/11/13 with the help of a group of 206 praying the rosary together.  A member in the group called me to confirm the total was indeed correct.  That is fantastic news!

Thanks again to all of you for your support of the site and its mission to spread devotion to the Holy Rosary of Our Blessed Mother.

God Bless,


Group of 206

That is what I received yesterday. That is awesome if accurate but the total is not “usual” for the site. So, please look to the left of the group response and send me an email to verify the total in your group if it is more than 10. Thank you very much!

New Record Already Set for Month of October

Thank you!  We’ve set a new monthly record and with three more days to go we have a great chance to reach more than 4,000 rosaries prayed this month.

Please continue to support the site by sharing it with your friends and acquaintances.  “Like us” on facebook or even use http://www.scripturalrosary.org as a signature in your emails.

Thank you all for your support!

God Bless,


Another “Shout Out” for Melissa

Martin from England shared some thoughts on praying with Melissa with the audio rosaries. Sorry Martin that the form cut you short.

“Thank you Melissa, you have helped me to pray, and helped me to realise how praying brings one closer to Our Most Blessed Lady. Since praying the Rosary with you, I feel so close to the most Blessed Heavenly Queen. My Country actually belongs to her…”

If you would like to share some feedback please visit this page at the Scriptural Rosary Website.



Shipping Charges Updated

Shipping and handling charges are free within the continental U.S. at the Scriptural Rosary Store. Outside of the U.S. I tried to allow customers to pay a fair share once I knew what the shipping charges were for their particular order. Well… that didn’t work as some customers did not respond and I paid the full charges. The last two orders to Australia cost me $14.90 and $23.95 each. I simply cannot afford that! So, here are the new shipping charges outside the continental U.S.

Canada – $6.95
Everywhere else, including Alaska and Hawaii – $9.95

Just wanted to make this very clear. It is also on the store web page.

Thanks to all that support the website and its mission by making a purchase at the store.