Prayer Request 10/9/2021

Betty, Goshen, NY… Please pray for my granddaughter, Katie DePalma.  On Monday, she went into the hospital in State of Florida, to remove one ovary and a large growth (not cancer).  It was to be a same day surgery.  She is still in the hospital, (4 days later) from complications. Please pray for God to heal her.  She is 28 years old.  She has a degree in Violin and she is going back to college to get a master’s degree in Music.  She is so loved.  Thank you❤️.

Prayer Request 10/8/2021

Freeda – Mumbai, Maharashtra… To come to the right focus of my mind and work on the priorities of my vocation and be earnestly faithful in the little things God has given me and Do God’s Holy will using the opportunities God has given me. To overcome self pity and laziness. For a spirit of deep devotion and love praying the Holy Rosary.

Prayer Request 10/7/2021

Filomena – Australia… My dear Mother, Queen of Heaven and earth, I pray for consolation and respite from deep suffering that my mother Gesuina, named after thy beloved Son Gesù, continues to endure.
I ask that Archangel Lechitiel may bring her the chalice of consolation to sip, just as Jesus sipped in the Garden of Gethsemane as he endured for mankind.
In the Divine Will, I offer up all of Gesuina’s sufferings, together with all of mankind’s, since the beginning of time, united in that act of suffering Jesus left for us to pray in, for the conversion and salvation of all humanity especially during these times.
Blest be Jesus, Blest be His Holy Name.
Mama Mary lead us always to Him and pray for us as we pray with you. Amen

Weekly Update for WE 10/23/21

Through WE 10/23/21 our total rosary count is at 528,828. Based on the last 3 weeks, it appears we will reach our next goal of 750,000 in 2025. The ultimate goal remains 1,000,000.

The numbers are all caught up. Sorry. I just returned from an extended leave. All is well.

Thank you all for your prayers and continued support of the site and its mission. Please continue to share the site and its mission with friends and acquaintances.

Thank you!