Where We Stand

The table below is updated weekly to show when we should meet our next goal which is currently 750,000 rosaries prayed.

WE 5/7/22937
WE 5/14/22801
WE 5/21/22895

Through WE 5/21/22 we are at 565,643 rosaries prayed. At our 3 week average (878 per week) the goal of 750,000 rosaries will be reached in May 2026. Based on last week (895) we would reach the goal in May 2026.

These are the lowest weekly totals in some time. The month of April reported 1152 less rosaries prayed than the month of March. Please keep this mission in your prayers.

Also, the past couple of days someone has submitted groups over 300. I’m not sure how that happens so I didn’t add them to the prayer count.

Thank you and God Bless!