Weekly Update for 3/14/2021

I hope you are getting comfortable using the blog to see updates. Remember, if you like to pray the audio rosaries, they are all located at the top of the blog.

The total count through WE 3/13/2021 is 490,430. We are now exactly 9,570 away from the next goal of 500,000 rosaries prayed. Based on recent prayer counts, we should reach 500,000 rosaries prayed in April, 2021. Our final goal remains 1,000,000.

Thank you all for your continued support of the site and its mission.

God Bless,


Update for WE 3/6/2021

Just a quick reminder that I will no longer be able to update the website after 3/31/21. Nothing changes at the website, you can still pray all mysteries as you always have and please remember to report your prayer so I can update the count as we strive to reach the final goal of 1,000,000 rosaries prayed.

I’m now using this blog to provide the daily and weekly updates I’ve always provided for those that care to see them.

The current count through WE 3/6/21 is 488,966. We should reach 500,000 in April 2021.

Thank you all for your continued support of the site and its mission.

God Bless!

Prayer Request 3/5/2021

Amanda – Ruffsdale, Pennsylvania… Amanda 31 and my son Jadon will be 12 on Easter 4-4-21.
Both born with rare gene mutation life expectancy isn’t long. Jadon has been separated from his mommy and godmother Denise 63 who loves us like a mom and takes care of us. Jadon needs to be reunited with his mom and godmother Denise.