Melissa Is Awesome!

Here is some more feedback on Melissa’s audio rosaries.

I am a third order Franciscan Religious solitary, I love the Rosary, I make Rosaries to give away and the Rosary is an important part of my daily prayer life.  It was a delight to discover this website and Melissa’s beautiful scriptural Rosary recordings.  I have begun to make use of them during my own daily prayer time as an aid to meditation for which purpose they are absolutely perfect.  Over time I’ve tried out several Rosary recordings and have often been disappointed because they are either spoken far too fast (It’s prayer, not a race!), or else the person who has made the recording has an irritating voice or a way of speaking which makes it difficult to maintain a reflective state of mind.  Now at last I can say my search is at an end and add my thanks for Melissa and her sweet voice.

Blessings always,

Anne Welborn eremita Deus.

Just click above on one of her recordings to pray with Melissa!

2 thoughts on “Melissa Is Awesome!

  1. Some of us like to pray the twenty decade rosary but It’s a shame having to go back to the beginning at each change of mysteries. Would it be possible to add a recording of all twenty decades?

    • Melissa volunteered many years ago to make recordings to help the website with its mission to spread devotion to the holy rosary. Unfortunately, she is not available to make additional recordings. Perhaps I can find another volunteer. Thanks for your support!

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